Sunday, December 26, 2021


We had an uneventful day yesterday. I suppose that is mostly the way it has been since this blog started. 

When my parents were alive, both their birthdays were the two days before xmas, so "our time" was never on the 25th.  I suppose 710 and I just kept that tradition going. 

My back isn't helping matters.  Home time was just fine. 

There were dog walks. I have to force myself to talk to help / try to loosen up that back thingy. I have good days and bad. Early is worse than later in the day....usually. 

With one of those walks - our longest - we met my sister, brother-in-law, nephew and Bailey. Since we skipped dinner with them - Covid concerns dontcha know - we felt fairly safe walking outdoors separated by any number of feet. And we had not seen each other in months. It was worth the strain on the back. 

However, we did NOT get Chinese fud. Traditionally we'd have done that with my cousin and his wife, but Covid, dontcha know. It's not worth the exposure for any of us. 710 and I tried ordering for pick-up but that went all awry. As it stands, we will be having Chinese one day later.  Tonight. 

My days are fucked up. So far it's felt like two Sundays in a row and now we have a third. But we'll enjoy the day while we can, while I try to draft some year-end posts, which are indeed, a tradition. 

Song by: Ben Folds Five


James Dwight Williamson said...

A very odd laid back Christmas for us. Not glad it’s over but know now just how much we decorated. Happy Boxing Day

Travel said...

Isn't this Monday?