Monday, December 20, 2021

My Music Monday

As I think we know, I only do one holiday song per year, because, well, I don't like xmas music. 

I get that's a blanket statement and one could argue what exactly constitutes music of the season, as one does if Die Hard is an xmas movie.  My Pretenders entry for "2000 Miles" could be an example of such an analogy. 

There were some of those seasonal songs, but the season was actually Winter, which people seem to assume or co-opt that it's xmas music when it's really not. I'll save those for future years - which of course assumes, I'l be doing this blog in future years. 

I did opt for "Coventry Carol". While dating back to 1534, I went with a 1987 recording by Alison Moyet, from a Very Special Christmas record, whose proceeds allegedly went to Special Olympics. 

First off, the album wasn't that special, as an number of the tunes (Springsteen, Run DMC) had been released as songs year before. You also had to endure a baby-voiced Madonna singing "Santa Baby".  But the killer - and I mean, you'd want someone to kill you - would be "Silent Night" by Stevie Nicks and Robbie Nevil.  

No, that was not a typo. 

And you know when people say, "it's as bad as it sounds", it's worse. Even as a joke, I couldn't post it here for you to listen, but feel free to click here if you wish to torture someone else.  Some will click that for interest or as some kind of fucked up challenge.  You've been warned. 

Moyet's cover was actually the first time I'd ever head the 450 year old tune. But the production is nice and all the multiple vocal tracks are hers. This version probably has distant distant ties the choral versions that I'm sure churches and boy's choirs used in years past. 

Even 34 years (!) since its release, it's nice to hear Moyet.


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