Monday, December 06, 2021

My Music Monday

No theme this month, I suspect. I mean, if not now, why bother. 

So, this month will be a hodgepodge. There won't even be one Monday, since 12 of 12 will interrupt a music selection. And if I stick to tradition, there will be one holiday song this month. 

Here we go. 

The National has a new song out. It seems they did the soundtrack for the new film adaptation for Cyrano. 

Well, twins Aaron and Bryce Dessner did the music and vocalist Matt Berninger did the lyrics. I believe the band only performs this track, "Someday Desperate" over the end-credits (read: Oscar bait!).  

....and of course, it links the story to the song. Not so overt, but not so concealed. 

Though not on this song in particular, star Peter Dinklage does some of the singing and his baritone is not unlike Berninger's.  You can check him out singing on Steven Colbert last week. 

The song is not bad. I have not been a huge fan of their last two disks, so it's nice to like something they created. It's simple, soft and melodic.  Oscar bait. 

It's ok. I'll give it to them. 

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Travel said...

Nice, moderen, it would be hard to dance to