Wednesday, December 01, 2021


Traffic needs to be picked up on this blog-thing. What better way to do it than semi-nekkid men? 

.....and a ribbon. 

Yes, today is the 114th 33rd annual World Aids Day

Apparently the theme for the 2021 observance is “Ending the HIV Epidemic: Equitable Access, Everyone’s Voice” .

To be fair - haven't all of them been 'Ending the HIV Epidemic'?  And if not, why the hell not? 

I agree whole-heartedly about the equitable access to treatment part. It just isn't there for so many populations - either based on race or economics. Or both.  Discrepancies in accessibility is just not discussed enough - let alone done enough about. 

There is ongoing discussions at work on patient care plans vs social issues at home. All the care plans in the world do not work if a patient cannot afford their meds, don't have a ride to the doctor or pharmacy, don't have proper ways to store medications, etc.  80% of patient care is based on social outcomes - not actual clinical care. Think about that for a moment, if you will. 

I get that HIV gets lost in the discussions these last two years with Covid. The Omicron variant won't help those matters much, if at all.  Pandemic vs Epidemic. Pan is always going to win for losing. It's totally understandable yet can't be pushed to the side. It's so easy to do and it should not happen.

That all said, with the expediency of four Covid vaccines (I know, but Astra Zeneca is in there somewhere) in such a short time, I can't help feel that feet have been dragged for the HIV/AIDS populations on vaccine development. 

Like the old sports analogy it could apply here too:  maybe next year.   Year 34. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

You know I’ve been wondering the same thing since Reagan, I’m lucky to be negative, as if being single I. do anything anyway. But yes , magical RNA Vaccines at least 2 of them . Something has gotta give. It shouldn’t be a chronic disease it should be a cured disease..

Travel said...

I was wondering if the advances in vaccine development might finally bring an option.