Friday, December 17, 2021


I hate the idea of hope.  It always - and I do mean always - leaves me deflated. 

Since 2015, I have yet to see anyone associated with BLOTUS get their comeuppance. 

One might argue Michael Cohen. The rest pretty much got off scot free, even after conviction - some to appeals court, most to "presidential" pardons.  

Before those last two things, I had hope, Hope that the Roget Stones, Michael Flynns et al would do their fucking time. But they had to be given pardons to shut them up. 

Should the texts that have allegedly come to light be legitimate, it would be hard(er) to deny that the previous administration had a hand - and a planning one, at that - in the January 6th insurrection. 

I have no love lost for Chris Como, but he lost his job at CNN for 'helping' his brother through his sexual harassment. Oh - and that potential sexual harassment thing of his own. But you know - as reprehensible as that might all be, he didn't seemingly have access to the president's chief-of-staff and exchange messages about a coup.    ...........and so far, they're keeping their jobs. 

Of course, the rub there is:  the Fox asshats begged for the insurrection to stop, yet - and no surprisingly - hypocritical in their broadcasts. This is the same network that speaks against Covid vaccinations, yet are all, or mostly, vaccinated. 

They're all weasels, but it is BLOTUS Jr, I "love" the most.  He is WITH his father and texting his father's chief-of-staff to stop daddy!   

He is SUCH a pussy, he can't (won't and didn't) say it to his father who is like two yards from him. Yet, don't assume that he's allowed to talk to his father directly in the first place. g-d, it must suck that dad like Eric better. 

Let's just pile on though:  if BLOTUS thought Jr was weak before - - now he knows it for sure and just provided a massive embarrassment to the family.  Xmas is RUINED.  Or at least awkward.  ....and that's without Melanoma's decorations. 

Yet, the House and DOJ are so. fucking. weak. nothing - and I repeat, NOTHING - is going to come of this. 

Where once was hope - is now just advance. 

Song by: A Flock of Seagulls

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