Friday, December 24, 2021

Put it On

I won't lie - there are some times I love being a dick. 

Two days ago I was at Massage Envy to buy two gift certificates. Only one other person in the lobby besides me. And of course, two Envy workers. 

Immediately I was annoyed because my gift certificate consultant just started out with the up-sell.  ANNOYING. 

But I was more annoyed with the other customer. First, on her phone while trying to pick options and times for her next massage. As it would turn out she hadn't even done her massage for this visit yet. I guess the up-sell works for some people. 

She would not. stop. talking. And all the while: maskless. Her voice had to fill the void at a place where, in theory, people come to relax and destress - and my levels were on the rise

As they were about to complete my transaction, I could not help but overhear here (she was 5' from me) about as the holidays got closer, she had taken a covid test and how she stood there waiting hoping and hoping and hoping it would be negative..............and it was, she said with a certain amount of glee and self satisfaction.  

My rep was handing me my cards and I just turned to the other customer and go, "and yet, here you are, without a mask - putting everyone at risk. Bravo." 

It wasn't even the look on her face. It was the Massage Envy rep (who was masked) that got me. It wasn't one of, 'yay, thank you'.  It was one of, 'holy fuck.......service recovery'.  She hustled the customer into the back for her morning rub down. 

I'm guessing - and hoping - she was tense as fuck by the time she lay nekkid face down on that table. 

I won't lie - I was proud of me. 

Song by: Bob Marley & the Wailers


James Dwight Williamson said...

People will kill you!

Travel said...

Bravo! A Christmas gift for all of us, speaking up!

VoenixRising said...

Not all heroes wear capes.