Sunday, January 10, 2021

My Shot

Choo Choo.  All aboard the Vaccination Station. 

While I don't feel #blessed, I do feel lucky and somewhat privileged to have gotten my first Moderna vaccine. 

Thanks Dolly. 

I get that I work at a hospital. I get that I rarely, anymore, work remotely. So yes, that puts me higher in the chain to get it. And had all the front line workers - including environmental services and nutrition workers - not gotten it first, I might have refused. 

Last Thursday, I got word that they had the vaccines lined up and as it turns out, so many of that Wave 1 had gotten them, they hadn't filled the slots for people to use the doses that were ready to go. And that the area was taking walk-ups for employees. 

Honestly, I kind of thought I was being pranked and that I'd be turned away. It turns out, I wasn't. 

A simple consent and scheduling of my second dose, I was taken around the corner to these stations. There were 10 cubes and maybe half were filled with folks taking a needle in the arm. As the shot is intramuscular and to be given 2" below the shoulder, the shirt had to come off.  

The shot was harmless. Whomever gave it to me did it flawlessly.  

Then I went out and sat for 15 minutes - each patient given a timer. Each seat was at least 6' away from another, and of course, we all had on masks. We were watched to make sure we had no adverse reactions. 

Overall, I did not experience any side effects. A few hours later my upper arm was sore. Tetanus shot sore. Not flu shot sore. It hurt that night when I rolled over in my sleep and I had discomfort reaching for a cereal bowl the next morning. But two rounds of Motrin helped and 48 hours later, there was almost no pain. 

But I had no fever. No chills. No other symptoms. All is good. 

I'm looking forward to round 2.  I'm really looking forward to someone getting these shots out to the masses. 

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Raybeard said...

Good for you. I'm sure it'll do what it's supposed to do. I've gotta wait till mid-Feb, it's said, so hope it's no later than that. Then another two weeks or so to let it take effect. Trusting that by early March I'll have at least some basic protection or a little more. Can't come too soon. [Not as many anti-vaccers here, as well as fewer anti-maskers, as you have].

James Dwight Williamson said...

Wow, I just want to say I was named for Eisenhower and born when he was president. Congratulations Blobby, so proud of you leading the way out of the darkness by taking the Vaccine. I want to hear about the second shot and everything you experience . Good job!

uptonking said...

Yay. Lucky you. Keep us informed.

Travel said...

I will be there when my turn comes. There was an article in the Washington Post of a Safeway Pharmacy here in the DC area that had vaccine that needed to be used within a couple of hours, offering it to anyone who would take it. Apparently it has a short shelf life once unfrozen.

anne marie in philly said...

it's good to hear the results of a friend who has received the vaccine.

don't know when I am going to get one; I see my PCP on wednesday this week and I will ask her. I did get flu and pneumonia shots in october.

BosGuy said...

Good for you. My partner, Sergio, is part of the trial study and will have the option to get vaccinated when they unblind the study - if he finds he had the placebo.

Ur-spo said...

I am glad to read you got your shot.