Saturday, January 02, 2021

All Aboard

First Sophie and Shep appearances in 2021...........and they have a guest.  We are a little Sophie-heavy this week.  She's earned it. Clearly. 

I love when she sleeps with her tongue out. 

Bailey - whom we saw for the first time in months - would NOT leave Shep alone. Until he snapped at her. Then she was better behaved and we went on a walk. 

Synchronized jumping out of snow piles. 

...back to the tongue. 

Bailey says, "happy new year!"

Shep says, "allllll aborard". 

Sophie and Shep welcome you to dinner.........and 2021

Song by: Allison Moorer


Raybeard said...

Being licked by a cat's raspy tongue makes me go all 'gooey' inside.

HNY to you, to the irreplaceable and wonderful Shep, to the unique and enigmatic Sophie......and, but of course, to the cuddly [large] fur-ball that is Bailey.

James Dwight Williamson said...

It’s the train, what grown men do for a pet and a picture! I don’t know you in person , Blobby , but that one -says everything about why Sophie and Shep are lucky and blessed!

anne marie in philly said...

bailey and her party hat! HNY to all the furkids in your life, blobby!

Bob said...

The kids, and the guest, look ready to take on 2021!

Debby said...

Bailey looks like a party animal!