Monday, January 04, 2021

My Music Monday

You know the drill. New year; new image for this weekly post. 

I was randomly playing music the other day when Morrissey popped up. I totally forgot to include him in my Year in Music section. 

His last disk, wasn't great, but I love love love "Jim Jim Falls" (which, actually is a real place - as I looked it up). 

Oh sure,  Morrissey advocates suicide those who annoy him, but it's Morrissey - that's not even the worst thing he's But he goads those in to killing themselves with a great tune, so it's not all bad !


uptonking said...

Musically... interesting, but terribly self-involved and self-indulgent. As a human being? A nasty, nasty man. I understand his politics and beliefs, but he is no better than those he rails against since his choice in life seems to be to bully everyone into submission. Confidence? Yay. Arrogance? Bah.

Raybeard said...

I find some of the outrageous things he's said - including, unfortunately, relatively recently - just make it impossible for me to give him any listening time, and that despite his being such a vociferous advocate for animal rights.