Saturday, January 09, 2021

Back Against the Wall

If dog and cats were the insurrection, it's doubtful any of us would have say anything but, "good boy!". Of course, they wouldn't be trying to topple a government, they'd just demand more treats. 

....and they'd have won!

Soph finding a safe space in 710's office. 

Eva Braun Pippa portrait. 

Bailey - after she got her hair did. 

Shep is my son. 

That's me at a gay bar. Against the wall. One foot against the wall, beer in hand, watching all around me, rarely participating. 

This is love.  

Oh to have 710's work life. 

Song by: Cage the Elephant


Raybeard said...

i do so recognise that 'wallflower' stance when, in a bar, you're standing alone watching everyone else with envy, all chatting away unconcerned at your miserable plight, while you're internally begging that someone finds you so attractive that he'll come over and start talking to you - which of course never happens, unless, rarely when it happens, he's drunk and then you just want him to go away. No matter how many times, you just never learn the golden rule that no one wants to know a guy who's alone, and that those who are most attractive are the ones already engaged in conversation with another.

Aside from that little 'aside', I just want to scoop up every one of these furry little beauties and bring them all home to live with me forever - cats, dogs, hamsters, horses, polar bears.....the lot!

James Dwight Williamson said...

Poor Shep and the wallflower, been there, always found someone lonelier and more handsome than me and definitely more greatful.
I used to think I was a total failure if I went home alone. Gone is the Hunter, gone from the hill and still searching! Lol!

Anonymous said...

Great photos cheer up a very cold day in London.

Bob said...

Gay Dog Bar!

And that last one of Sophie is adorable. True unconditional love.

anne marie in philly said...

bailey, you look lovely with your new hairdo!

and bless all other cats and dogs, for they are loyal and true.

uptonking said...

All cuties. And so squeezable! Must take after their owners? :P