Sunday, April 18, 2021

Welcome 2 America


It's all relative, right? 

I'm guessing survivors, or folks whose family members have been mowed down by semi-automatic anythings a decade ago, would say that was "recent". I'm sure it feels that way. 

Both the New York Times and one of my former Sites of the Month (from years ago now), Days Since the Last Mass Shooting, use similar methodology: one instance where at least four people are killed. 

I don't know how they get that is 'mass' as I'm sure if it were a trio killed, it seems like a mass. Neither here nor there, that's what it is. Now, that also means who have 'died' not just been shot. You know - let's go with that Las Vegas shooting at an outdoor concert.  Dozens shot. Many dead, but many more shot. 

So, to me, a 'mass shooting' doesn't even have to end in death. I'm almost certain that was the intended outcome and it doesn't change a mass 'shooting'.  But then call it what it is:  'mass killing'. 

So far - according to DSTLMS, 2021 has had seven mass shootings, with 42 deaths.  Longest time between mass shootings was 41 days. 

In 2019 there were 28 mass shootings, 159 dead and 71 days was the longest period of time between shootings. 

Guess how many in 2020.  Anyone?


Say what you will about Covid, those pussies with guns were more afraid of a virus than they were ashamed of their tiny penis that inflamed with their probable fake rage and went out and killed no one.   ........well, in groups of four or more. 

Oh sure, Covid killed about 500,000 in the U.S. in 2020 but never used an AR-15 to do it.  It just weaponized an imbecile president and his team to do that. No waiting period. No license. 

Honestly, with distance learning, there were zero school shootings. 

And while I have absolutely nothing to back this up, these mass shootings that make the news have a few things in common - yes, all the gunmen were white folks. And men. But let's take that a step further amd say it out loud:  NO WOMEN. 

We who would like to see gun control (read: not elimination) focus on ease of getting weapons (yep), background checks (yep) and mental health issues (partial yep).  We're not focusing on: this is a guy thing. 

Women have as many mental health issues as men (presumably) and could have the same access to gun as any guy with an extra dangling Y not women? 

Perhaps researchers and law makers need to narrow their focus when looking at this probable aspect of their definite problem.  

It seems so obvious, except that white males aren't about to pin the blame on white males. Simple as that. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

I see the point about Covid, but I think it ramps up in a Democratic Presidential Administration, haven’t figured out why!