Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Lift Off

As I try to avoid most anything about the George Floyd trial, and now the deliberations (and whatever Maxine Waters said that clearly couldn't wait a day or two, but which the judge now says could be grounds for appeal...............THANKS Maxine!). 

So, we'll go with helicopter on Mars. 

You know, in theory I was up early enough to watch this happen live - but I have a rule about no television before 07:30, and honestly, by then I'd have been at work for an hour. And I think this all happened earlier than me being at work. 

Ingenuity, which is the the helicopter name, landed on Mars attached to Perseverance a few months back. With some finagling, the 12 year olds in their STEM class got the thing working after a few failed tries. 

Yes, I'm making fun of their age, as when you see them, they are SO young. 

I'm the guy who'd never get a drone because, A. it would crash in the first 38 seconds of me attempting to get it to fly, or B. it would just keep going, never to be seen again. 

I'm going with A., because I'm the guy who'd never be a gamer due to the fact my hand-eye coordination is never gonna let me steal cars and beat up hookers for imaginary coins. And I can't do that on this planet, let alone from 180 million miles away. 

Granted, it's not a spectacular journey, but you're talking to a guy who can't fly a kite. 

Song by: Mike Shinoda


James Dwight Williamson said...

The burdens of being black in America are unconscionable. Right let’s lynch Maxine, and let Marjorie Taylor Greene hold the rope! Such unthinkable bullshit. I said it before Minnesota, do the right thing or , Burn It Down!

Travel said...

Looks like Rockwell's front yard.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Yayay andYayayay!