Thursday, April 08, 2021


It's been nice being fairly political-free in this here blog. 

Now and then, one must tip one's toe back into the swamp, I suppose. I mean, these 'tards can't just go unchecked now, can they? As fun as it is to ignore them, should we truthfully do that, imagine how with how much more they'd get away. 

I could go on about Matt Gaetz' would-be blanket pardon - which only tells me, he knew this was coming when Bill Barr - not Merrick Garland - started this investigation of Matty-boy. You know, all innocent folks ask for pre-pardons, right? 

No - today, I'm-a-gonna with #moscowmitch. But in screen capture  / Twitter form. It saves me the keystrokes.  

Song by:  Talking Heads


James Dwight Williamson said...

I don’t think I’ll dip my toe , until the Swamp becomes more fetid !

Raybeard said...

Moscow Mitch is an ARSE - and when it looks like an ARSE, sounds like one and smells like one, there's a pretty high probability that it IS one. Trust me.

uptonking said...

Lovely. Well put. Succinct. I think the hypocrisy practiced by the Republicans is finally coming home to roost. We have to keep talking about it, pointing it out, and never allow them to go about business as usual. Challenge everything!