Monday, April 05, 2021

My Music Monday

Whoo-hoo.  Garbage has a new disk coming out in June - their first in five years - so, you'll be seeing review of that coming out sometime that moth, or the consecutive one. 

And as you know, I don't really stream, I purchase, so with the pre-order, I got their first "single",  "the Men Who Rule the World". 

In a world that has had it's upheaval in the last year, I am kind of reveling in that fact that little has changed in Garbage's sound. 

As you might guess from the title - and a strong female singer - it's not gonna be a love song. 

Shirley Manson, and the band, call out sexism, racism, misogyny, #metoo et al in this - and all rightfully so. They lay it at the feet of the men who 'rule' the world. 


James Dwight Williamson said...

Clever Lyrics and she killed the phalluses!

uptonking said...

Shirley can do no wrong. Adore this group. And they are exactly that... they work so well together. They have been consistently good their entire career and yet are still not superstars. That they continue to evolve and have output is amazing, but the quality remains. I'm so happy to have something to buy!