Friday, April 16, 2021

In My Defense

I dunno - the Derek Chauvin trial seemed to go a little too quickly for my liking. 

I think the prosecution put on a decent show. The defense went awfully quick. And I think their witnesses were more than biased and lame. 

Honestly, if I were the prosecution, I might have asked one question of every single one of their witnesses:  "do you think George Floyd deserved to have his neck kneeled on for over nine minutes by the defendant, and die?"

Honestly, do we think any of them are going to say "yes"?  But it would keep bringing up the defendant killed a man no one thinks deserved to die. 

So, now I'm assuming closing arguments, deliberation, the verdict and then......................

I guess the 'then' depends on the verdict. 

If you didn't see last week's SNL cold-open - you should.  Here it is. It's amusing and not untrue. But it's a comedy show, so it doesn't really deal with the cold hard reality of what might be coming. 

Last May and June were horrific in reaction to Floyd's murder - and I am talking the police response to the protests. That is barely the scraping of the skin if Chauvin is acquitted. 

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. 

I'd like for the people of Minnesota to do the right thing this time around, but..............I'm also not counting on it. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

All I will say , is Do The Right Thing - Or BURN IT DOWN !

Raybeard said...

It only really sunk in with me yesterday when I heard it, that it requires just ONE member of the jury to have any slight doubt at all about delivering a guilty verdict for a 'NOT guilty' to be returned. Sheesh!