Monday, April 19, 2021

My Music Monday

I'm in a Rickie Lee Jones mood today. 

While she doesn't seemingly have a website, she has decent body of work - about 16 disks over a 42 year career. The last coming out about two years ago. 

Maybe she has enough dough to make a record, but not the extra $50 to buy her own domain name. 

Her second disk, Pirates, still possibly ranks in my top 50 records of all times. It was a great, if slightly unexpected follow-up to her eponymous debut - which yes, did come out 42 years ago. 

Dollars to donuts most of you only know "Chuck E's in Love". Yes, it is not called "Chuckie's in Love". Believe it or don't. But the album is so much more than that. She had and still does have a good mix of Blues, Jazz, Soul and Rock. Each one of those explored on at least her first two disks. 

While I'm not going with her big hit, I am going with "Coolsville" - which actually kind of incorporates all of those previously mentioned styles into one song. I almost went with "Danny All-Star Joint" which ranks in the top of her songs, but I do love "Coolsville". 

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