Wednesday, April 28, 2021

On Your Own

It's a weird time in which we live. 

I know I'm overstating the obvious, but I'm not quite sure I am. Not to the depth of where we are, or going to be. 

This headline from the Washington Post is just fucked up.  A country - gianormous at that - is out of healthcare resources. No room in the hospitals.  No oxygen in the hospitals. No oxygen anywhere. New cases increasing at the rates of almost a half-million every single day. 

Oh, and the mass cremations. 

Cases are on the rise in the U.S. too. Not at India's rate, but in a much younger population than we've seen in the past. Hospitalization rates are up. Vaccination numbers have stalled. And here in Ohio, we're increasing number of people at sporting events - and the CDC just relaxed mask requirements for outdoors. 

Of course that last one comes with caveats:  small groups.  socially distanced.  et a.  But people, as I have come to find, are generally stupid.  I'm guessing the last thing they heard was 'no masks'. 

I know that within the hospital system in which I work, positivity rates and the census is on the rise. ICUs are at capacity, even transferring some patients out to other hospitals to make room for the more critically ill. 

The above headline has not quite spurred my anxiety into overdrive, but it did pique the thought that it might. Sooner than later. 

710 has part of this team in India. Two on that team died over last weekend. Both in their 30s. Both with families they've left behind. I didn't know them,  but I felt horrible for their families and hope the company does something for them. It's also telling that due to India's current experience,  the amount of work the folks there does for American companies - they have to rejigger schedules on products, projects and plans. 

Right now, I feel that it's a watch, wait and see kind of scenario for the U.S. , and if / when it happens, like India, we will be fucked. 

....well that was a downer of a post.  Sorry.

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Morty said...

No masks - yay!!

Travel said...

A disruption in India, and US prescription drug costs go up.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Yes and we can’t give the vaccine away to Muricans ,for free! Just sad!