Sunday, March 14, 2021


Last night, on our weekly Zoom / Happy Hour call we went over our hour time limit.  I think no one but Morty went over the two drink number, but hard to say. Had I not had to walk down two flights have stairs, I might have had another. 

BTW, we switched to Saturday nights, because Sunday nights backed us up to a school day. 

During these calls we discuss many things - and we've known each other so long, no topic is off limits. I mean, yesterday some of it was about vaccines, fashion schools, our mutual dislike for Billy Joel and power bottoms. Not necessarily in that order. 

I was going to tell you how the topic of the video below came up, but you know, I'll forgo that. 

The video is from David Letterman's first David Letterman's Film Festival (I think he only ended up having two). A series of artists made a 5-10 minute 'film' - one being Bette Milder, one Diane Sawyer and the one below by Catherine O'Hara and Andrea Martin.  

The film's title?  PMS

I have a feeling I featured it in the blog before, but I'm honestly that lazy to not go check. And if it turns I did, then I got nothing for today. And in reality, none of you remember in the first place, and in second, I'm pretty sure I have a few new readers who haven't read 5,922 posts. 

Enjoy the film. 

btw.........the guy playing Andrea Martin's husband is actually Catherine O'Hara's brother.  Fun fact. 


Song by: Mary J. Blige


anne marie in philly said...

until I got fixed, I had PMS. now I'm just a regular old bitch.

I read this morning that THE OSU beat UofM yesterday in basketball. I figured you would rub spo's nose in the victory.

rebecca said...

Somewhere between Christmas & being buried alive

Ur-spo said...

they are both gems.

As for AM -she can stuff it.

uptonking said...

This came up in my feed and I got all excited... I though.. OH! An ABBA video!