Friday, March 26, 2021


 Oh no, Lucille I has passed. Poor Jessica Walters. Poor us. 

 It is a shame of course, but I'm not sure I would have guess she was 80.  

If you have not seen Arrested Development - and it is a show that is an acquired taste, and you really have to watch for content. There are no pauses for laughs, no laugh tracks and jokes / storylines that come back from episodes or seasons later or before. 

And while everyone on the show was integral, Walters really made the show. Her Lucille (I) was caustic and hilarious. 

FYI. Lucille II, was her next door, vertigo-impaired neighbor played perfectly by, believe it or not, Liza Minelli. I've only seen Liza in like three things  (though I'm not sure she's been in much more - and yes, the Sex in the City movie does count..........and yet it doesn't), but is the best thing she has ever been in. 

Here are some of the clips with Walter from Arrested Development

I personally like the Banana one, the Jimmy Kimmel one and the SeaWard (read: C-word) one. 


Song by: B.B. King


James Dwight Williamson said...

“Play Misty For Me” that’s my girl , all the other parts of her career were lost on me , Jessica Walter RIP ! I know someday I may find more interest in the rest of your career .

uptonking said...

She was one of a kind. A gutsy actress willing to take risks at all times.

Jonny said...

..and a piece of toast. LOLLL!

anne marie in philly said...

she also voiced archer's mother, a drunk sarcastic bitch who was never really sure about her son's daddy. RIP, jessica.