Monday, March 22, 2021

My Music Monday

During the friend's drinking Zoom we have each weekend, someone mentioned a song title in reference to something else. Somehow it got to the Tubes' either "She's a Beauty" or "Talk to you Later". 

My first Tubes (while I won't link them, they do have an active website still!) song that I would have known would have been "Don't Touch Me There".  Somehow that took us to how the Tubes when they found success were like J. Geils-lite. 

Still anytime I heard, or hear of, "Don't Touch Me There", there is a string that takes me from that song to Michael Nesmith's (yes, from the Monkees) "Cruisin'".......even though they're three years apart in release dates.  You might know the song with title "Cruising (Lucy and Romona and Sunset Sam)". 

While just a shell of a musician on the Monkees, Nesmith was a guitarist, songwriter and performer in his own right. He wrote Linda Ronstadt (and the Stone Ponies) hit, "Different Drum". 

But he was also a visual artist - as he won the first ever Grammy for long form video with 1982's Elephant Parts. He's also go on to produce videos for Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie. 

And yes, his mother sold the rights for Liquid Paper to Gillette for $46 million dollars, so I think he might not be hurting for dough. He can do what he wants artistically with no financial worries. 

But as on our phone call, I opted to use "Cruisin'" as today's music. 


Raybeard said...

This is really GREAT! I'd had no idea he'd got to such levels of 'sophistication'.
I've always held a special place for his 'Rio', both song and videos - and his only solo chart 'hit' here [a very modest #26 in '77] - but this 'Cruisin' is a genuine further advance. I'll have to investigate further for what I've missed out on.
And, btw, he sure was HOT in his day.

uptonking said...

Fascinating artifact.

Travel said...

Reminds me of when MTV played music videos. Fond memories

rebecca said...

Still one of my favorite songs, which I sing anytime someone says “Andrew and Rebecca” 😂