Monday, March 29, 2021

My Music Monday

John Wesley Harding has a new covers disk coming out. 

Oh - he's not doing the covers, others are doing them of his songs. 

Harding is his stage name, as he took it from a Bob Dylan album title. 

But I've enjoyed some of Harding's stuff and I never thought it'd be a thing that artists like Marshall Crenshaw, Marti Jones, Don Dixon, Rosanne Cash and Graham Parker would be included in such a tribute / cover disk. Still - I'm interested in hear it. 

But today I'm pulling an original from 1991:  "the Person You Are" from his disk the Name Above the Title.  It is a nice pop ditty about betrayal and drinking.  In 1991, I could relate to some of that. 

30 years later, I still enjoy it. 

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