Sunday, March 28, 2021

Shopping with Blobby

Yet another installment in the drudgery that is everyday shopping. The camera-phone makes it a bit more fun - though I get looks whenever I take pics of products. Like I care what people think. 

Oh my. I have not had a Shopping segment in 2021. Dear me!

This actually is 710's find.  I cannot - and will not - take credit. 

Oh yes, Purrdy Paws Soft Cat Nail Caps - rainbow edition.  I didn't feel the need to hyperlink. 

We don't really order from Chewy, but we use it to compare prices - mostly on cat and dog fud. So, 710 gets emails from them with products we have never bought - and never will cat nail caps - rainbow or not. 

Allegedly, these protect your furniture and guests (I love that part!) from scratching, the humane way. Oh and for the low low prices of $14.99 (before your $2 discount!), you get 40 caps and two - count 'em  - TWO tubes of glue. 


Honestly, I should look for a YouTube video of how one might get one of these on a cat, let alone on all of the claw.  I'm assuming only front ones, but who the hell knows. And you just know such a YouTube video exists. 

Now, poor Sophie doesn't have front claws. For those newer to this blog here - Sophie was born with some deformed pads and claws. The vet suggested and thought it best to declaw her. So we did. Even with that though, she's not much of a phantom clawer. She doesn't really try to sharpen the claws that no longer exist. 

Even if she did have them, and did claw, I could not imagine ever thinking about putting these on - let alone buying them.  

I don't find gluing things to cats nails to be 'humane'.  But no doubt some crazy cat lady buys these. I mean, they wouldn't make / sell / market these if there weren't some consumers stupid enough to purchase. 


wcs said...

Holy crap! Yeah, Bert would be still for this for about 2 nanoseconds. If that.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Women do it all the time . I’ve never had a long term cat but I’ve heard that cats are at an extreme disadvantage outside when they have been declawed. I realize Sophie’s was medically necessary. Yes , just keeping the nails trimmed on my two Labradors , who run in my 1 acre back yard is daunting. We live near a six lane highway in front and a 600 acre lake behind us , so I’m hesitant to walk them on concrete even one at a time. Very difficult as they are litter mates and must do everything together. It’s like a pair of love birds I once had, luckily love birds bond in three days . I’m saying that if something happened to one , the other would be completely lost. If you see vaccinated boyfriends at least medium quality for sale please email as I am in the market! No cats no nails , my best friend from professional has her Two Shar-peis, nails painted. Another reason PetSmart will always have business, I think.

uptonking said...

Thinking this is a NO. Clever, though. And the fact that they are rainbow! Hmmm. They know their demographic. The Boyfriend has four scratchers... so three huge cat towers and three of these cardboard things in various shapes. With the exception of the former feral (Tuxedo), all the other cats get their kicks out on what is provided. Tux, on the other hand, believes the leather sofa is fair game and the dining room chairs. We say something when we see it, but he doesn't seem deterred. I can't imagine getting him to cooperate while we glue theses things on his claws unless he was drugged. Have a lovely Sunday.

Ur-spo said...

Sometimes we think to paint Harper's toenails - Jungle red - but decide this is too gay for words.