Saturday, March 20, 2021

Back Door Man

 With 12 of 12 last week, you didn't truly get a Sophie / Shep posting. 

Let's fix that right now, shall we? 

a dog and his dad

always something to say - so naturally she's a part of this family. 

Sophie is the gatekeeper to the back hall. She let Shep pass. 

Shep has taken to napping in our bed until bedtime - then he meanders to his own king sized bed down the hall. 

Most mornings, 710 will find the three of us here (though I'd be next to Shep). We all hang until he gets up, then I go to work, and the three of them chill together. 

Prettiest cat in all the land - if I say so myself. 

the boy does love to run free - as long as the area is enclosed by a fence from which he cannot escape. 

Security Fail. She wasn't at her post in time. 

Song by: Sarah McLachlan


Raybeard said...

One of the very best posts you've ever done. Now I wonder why that is. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Sophie has still got the whoa factor.

anne marie in philly said...

best pix - sophie talking and shep running (look at those ears!). and shep gets your bed warm at night; what a good boy!

uptonking said...

How fun. So fortunate to have these citizens of paws populating our lives. Have a lovely weekend and thank you for sharing.

Bob said...

I do love Sophie's mug.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Happy are those who have multiple animal pictures. My favorites are the Handsome Blobby and Shep in the car and Shep napping on the bed. Slept late today thanks for a stress free post. Love your kids!

Ur-spo said...

The first photo is a marvelous one indeed