Tuesday, March 02, 2021

I Spy

So, with the "new" house there has been very need for anything to do to said domicile. This was one of the reasons for the move. Sure, we painted one bedroom wall that was Pepto Pink, but that's about it so far. 

Unlike the other house, where we were fairly far off the road - which was a plus and minus - no one could see any package when it was delivered. 

This, you can see from the street if a package is on the front porch. And while our delivery requests all say 'please deliver to the back of the house' it's only about a 50 / 50 chance that actually happens. 

We have had no issues with any packages missing, or.people being on-site when they shouldn't be. 

710 felt better if we had one them doorbell cams. 

At best, I was on the fence about the entire thing.  

I think it's a little invasive. While delivery and mail folks might be used to so many people having these things, it just weirds me out a bit. I'm not sure I want people knowing I drove past their house at 17:13 on a Monday, And while I always pick up dog poop, do I want them knowing Shep went on their lawn in the first place? 

Let's not forget - what if my outfit wasn't coordinated and I had on a black belt and brown shoes. Oh the horror!!!  The humiliation. 

Never mind that on a Saturday or Sunday morning walk, chances of me being in grey sweat pants is high. Like, off the charts high. 

Allegedly, you can change the settings so you don't get alerts from the cars driving by, or the animal highway that seemingly happens all hours of the night. 

We have a possum (see above), a skunk, Walter the cat, who just criss cross our front yard all night long. 710 woke up to like seven alerts the next morning of 'activity'.  All critters of some kind. Not a robber to be had. 

I exit and enter through the backdoor (jokes not needed here) so, when 710 starts to think we need another at that point of egress, I might balk. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

My HOA president has one at his front door. I really thought Amazon took pictures and emailed them for any package over about 50 dollars. Same here with companies you give your email to ,doing business with UPS and FedEX. The postal service leaves any package, that sits in the mailbox, or a notice to pick up at the main branch. Inconvenient for USPS ,yes but isn’t it all the time. Of course I hate every new piece of technology , we have to add to the house. How did we every survive with just a peephole. I guess I also don’t want to know everything that goes “bump in the night” . Of course , my mother is prone to anxiety after dark . Good luck, turn those filters way down. Put tin foil on Sheps head to deflect the beams! I honestly hope it is useful for 710. Sorry!

uptonking said...

How nice that you see the critters. I am currently working on meeting a large feral orange tabby named Charlie. He comes to the back porch and eats food I put out every night. He's huge and mean and been out on his own forever. I feel bad for him. We also have possums - love them, raccoons... very afraid of them, and crows. I think it's cool you get to watch your critters. Maybe I will invest in one of those door ring cams so I watch more of the activity.

Morty said...

We have a Ring at the front and side doors. You can adjust the sensitivity, range, people only, etc. Which I'm sure 710 already knows. It helped us identify the cat who sleeps in Geo's porch chair.

Anonymous said...

As long as the cameras don't catch you wearing white shoes before Memorial Day or after Labor Day, you might be Ok. Wearing dog walking clothes while you are actually walking the dog is OK. If you are wearing them without a dog, then you've just given up.

Old Lurker said...

I am sure your local police department is delighted with your new purchase. It will come in handy in case any brown-skinned people walk through your neighborhood.