Monday, March 01, 2021

My Music Monday

It's not new music, but it is to me - so it's then, kind of new, right? 

710 was sampling some Americana station on one of the streaming services and we came across Elsie David (no, I never heard of her either), but both of us were taken by her song, "Hold Me Like a Gun". 

It's got a good chorus - at least I think. It's slightly more country and Americana, but it works either way. 


uptonking said...

Well, she's lovely... I love a good metaphor, but uncomfortable with this one. Romanticizing firearms? Anyhoo. I have become more and more open to this type of pop/country/americana sound. I remember hearing Maria McKee back in the day and she just perked my ears up like mad. Loved Lone Justice's second album... ? I think it was their second. I need to find that CD.

Blobby said...

Well, Lone Justice only had two disks - both VERY much worth their price. At any price.