Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sound of Silence

If I have to see that fucking video clip of "Dr." Brix listening to BLOTUS talk about bleach, I am going to lose my shit (well, more than I already do).  ....especially, the "I feel your pain" portion.

I do NOT feel her pain.

I'd like to add to it, should she have any at all, but I don't feel it.  To paraphrase Melanoma's jacket, I don't care; do u?  (that might be a direct quote, actually.)

That twat (and I'm being kind) in all her scarfy badness (honestly, another GOP leaning woman who doesn't have a gay friend to just tell her, "no!"?), has a medical degree (allegedly) and a voice. In whatever role she has, she uses neither of these.

It is my personal opinion that the AMA should revoke her medical license.

She is complicit in the BLOTUS web of lies, deceit and continual medical information he puts forth - up to and including the injecting bleach bullshit. Her silence is nothing more than a free pass to this gasbag of a president. No, he doesn't get that uppercased, he hasn't earned it.

But Brix has stood there, day after day after day, listening to this dick ramble on about it will be like a miracle and one day it will just disappear, or that it wasn't a thing at all, or that warmer weather in April will kill it.

She is allegedly an infectious disease doc. I have yet to hear any ID doc who doesn't quite toe the line in terms of medical data and science. So, she's just as guilty as BLOTUS with her silence. It's almost like lying by omission.

So spare me the, "oh look at the look on her face" bullshit.

If keeping her job of standing on the podium behind BLOTUS is more important to her than, oh you know, her 'first do no harm' job, her Hippocratic Oath has already become a Hypocratic one.

Fuck her.

Song by: Simon & Garfunkle


Travel said...

You hit the nail on the head, being in the spotlight, having access to 1600 Penn ave, is more important to her, than integrity. She has given up her soul to be where she is, with a gassbag that tosses aside anyone who questions what he says.

anne marie in philly said...

THOSE SCARVES! THAT FACE! UGH! I believe fauci; the rest can FOAD.

Ur-spo said...

Throughout history people hold their tongue to get something in return. This is how tyrants rise - no ones speaks up against them.