Monday, April 27, 2020

My Music Monday

Another semi / pseudo / faux Covid-19 themed release today.

Well, it is and it isn't. Technically it isn't, but can be backed into it, I suppose.

Months ago, two of my favourite artists, both who have been featured here before, John Paul White and Rosanne Cash wrote a song together, but did not record the tune.

"We're All in This Together Now" makes it sound like this is a pandemic song, and there is a line or two in here that skews that way, but the rest of the song does not.

The story goes that Cash and White - who have worked together before on one of her disks, and with Rodney Crowell on his - wrote this in 2019, she the lyrics, he the music. The written tune sat on a shelf not right for either's last releases. Cash called White to say how was the time to record.

And they did - White in Alabama, Cash in New York.  The song was thought to be a White song, but he asked Cash to sing on it.

The proceeds of the song go to Music Health Alliance, which provides assistance to members of the music community, Spotify is even matching the proceeds from this song, which is nice. They monies will go to COVID-19 Relief Programs.

The video is of COVID related shots - community, healthcare workers, etc.

The song itself is low-key and nicely done.  Acoustic guitar. Cello. Vocals.  That's it.

It ends with the poignant lines:

It's a lonely world 
It's our only world
We're all in this together now

In reality, we always's just more obvious now.

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