Sunday, April 19, 2020


During this staying at home, we've for the most part, have been staying at home. Everything is off.

I mean, overall, we are homebodies anyway, but this kicks it up a notch. Now we both have lunch at home instead of work, so our fridge empties out sooner, our dishwasher runs more often. You get the drift.

We want to support our local establishments, but honestly, we just haven't been good about it. When we do, all get big tips, as the regular cost just covers their operating expenses.....if that.

710 gets a daily drive-up (not through) menu from our local independent former Mexican place. Lopez closed a few months ago with a more fusion-y place (same owner) taking it's place: Mojo. Until yesterday, we've never taken advantage of it.

After a long day and not wanting to cook, we were happy to patronize Mojo. It didn't hurt that they are also selling liquor curbside. I mean, the margaritas came in a soup container, but the tequila was strong, good and needed. We weren't complete rubes, we did transfer the booze to glasses with ice. No salt.

The food was good, but no matter how high end the tacos, that food just doesn't travel well. They needed to drain some of the braising liquid.

That said, they were extremely grateful for the support. We will have to make an effort to continue this in the upcoming weeks. It's important to keep the independents alive.

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anne marie in philly said...

we got delivery from our local cheesesteak joint yesterday; it was a special occasion - the 20th anniversary of moving into our home. and our first night's meal here was a philly cheesesteak.

Travel said...

We have been ordering room service about once a week, (the restaurant in the Condo community center delivers to the door.) I agree with a very large tip, we want them to be there when this is over, we need to support them now.

GregM said...

We've been trying to do 2:1, cooking-in two nights, ordering from restaurants one night. We are lucky not to be financially hit by this and want to support those that are.

It's also important to order directly from the restaurant and NOT use the delivery apps like Caviar, Uber Eats, GrubHub, DoorDash, etc. They can take up to 30% from the restaurant. During normal times, restaurants can make up for this by having dine-in eaters but not any more.

Google "Delivery apps hurting restaurants" for more info. The New Yorker did an excellent article last year.

Ur-spo said...

I love carryout so I am allowing my choice to do so be less guilt free on the grounds it helps others now.