Saturday, April 11, 2020


It is Pet Day, from another Quarantine Week.  The big news is: doggie daycare is back open. It's not filled by any means, but we did take Shep for two days. It was good for him to run leash-free, since dog parks are not open. But we want, nay, need, our independent doggie daycare to stay in business.

They have put measures in place. Two people inside at a time. No leashes, collars or chains can stay there - we have to take them with us.

Shep amongst the daffodils. 

Sophie shamelessly begging for Raisin Bran milk. She likes it better than Honey Nut Cheerio milk. 

Our neighbors are covering all bases. 

You only think you saw this pic last week.  The animals have exchanged places. 
Sophie ain't givin' up that chair for him. No way. No how. 

We hiked out to a lagoon area last week - we encountered zero peeps, which is always the goal.

Pretty Soph portrait, while sitting on my sleepy chest. 

The eyes.  The EYES!
She is as sweet as can be, just intense. 

Song by: Peter Bjorn and John


anne marie in philly said...

the last 2 are my faves this week.

Raybeard said...

So many of these deserve to be photo competition winners, and I'm with W.Q. - the last two above all. Oh, but we can't leave Shep out. How about the top one? - even if it looks like he might be doing a poo!

Bob said...

That last one has given me the snorts!

Deedles said...

I love that portrait of Sophie! What a beautiful cat.
Shep amongst the daffodils- so poetic.
That last one is just screaming for a 'caption this picture' contest.

Ur-spo said...

Your pets remain the most photogenic on the internet.