Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Between Me and You

Our Shelter in Place is pretty consistent. Our outings usually are Shep related. Walks around the 'hood, where we almost always never encounter anyone, and hikes on weekends (and some evenings).

Now, pre-Covid, we'd see people here and there on our hikes, regardless of whatever route, park or trail we'd choose in a four county area. Oh yes, we go out of our way to make it interesting for the dog.......and us. In that order.

These days, there are people EVERYWHERE.

It's both encouraging and annoying.

710 has asked on a few occasions, "is it my imagination, or are there a lot more people out walking?".  He wasn't just talking our hikes, but on almost every street we'd drive down or walk near.

My annoyance comes from the folks who feel the need to be out because they have been social distancing, until they're out and not social distancing.

Forget wearing a mask, or even being six feet apart.

Now, 710 and I will always stop if we are too close to someone and we always move out of the way, veer off a path to keep that distance. What we notice is: no one else does.

I'm 99.4% sure that if we did not veer, neither would they. They seem to take zero initiative to keep others safe, let alone themselves. And honestly, I'm kind of tired of having to step into mud, wet grass or puddles because these folks assume someone else will do it - or worse, they don't care we wouldn't and they'd just come close to others. Again, it's one of those times I consider just standing there, not moving, and cough. I fear even that would not be a deterrent.

It is great that people finally discovered the outdoors. Maybe, once (if) this is all over, they might enjoy nature, use the park systems and actually, move.  But just move out of my way, as I'm tired of moving out of yours.

Song by: Brandon Flowers


Bob said...

When you tell people they can go anywhere they go to the couch and pull out their phone.
When you tell people they should stay indoors, suddenly they all want to be outside.

The Cool Cookie said...

People always want what they cannot have. And when they can have it, they don't want it. It like our dogs - they have a basket full of toys that they ignore. But pick one up and all of a sudden, its the one they want.