Tuesday, April 28, 2020

On Your Own

No. Fucking. Shit. BLOTUS.

The states have found PPE, test kits, funds, direction, medical advice and everything COVID related on their own.

This dick not stepping up to the plate should come as no surprise to anyone.

He is a nasty and vindictive liar.

I mean, what about those tests for everyone. You know the ones that 'are gonna be beautiful' ?

I guess they''re not. Or perhaps, they're only pretty for Jared.

I totally get this is the way he is, and has been. I am stupefied that any republican governor can legitimately back this knob. Of course, they're the same ones pushing to reopen at any cost to their citizens, so........maybe I do get it.

This is a horrible thing to say out loud, let alone in print, but I hope there is a surge in COVID come in early October. A HUGE one.

It's a risk for sure. Some would no doubt try to postpone the election, but the blowback from the mismanagement of this pandemic would (or should) be in the forefront of any elected official running for office who didn't proceed with caution and caring.

Dr. Oz and the Lt. Governor of Texas thinks a 1-2% rate of death is acceptable to open the economy back up, so it should be ok for an election too, right? I mean, there can't be gradations of what is and isn't acceptable in a surge in deaths. You're either good with it or not.

If it means getting that fuckhead out of the White House, I'm good with it.

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anne marie in philly said...

as my spouse calls the fat orange pus bag - "(p)resident petty & vindictive"

TAKE HIM OUT by any means necessary - VOTE!