Tuesday, April 07, 2020


Boris Johnson is stuck on the roof.

You've heard the "the cat's stuck up on the roof" joke, right?

It's classic - and funny.  I first heard it while watching Maude.  Yeah - I'm that old.

The joke starts with explaining to whomever you're cat-sitting, that the now dead cat isn't dead.

First it's stuck on the roof. The next day you tell them, it slid off the roof and at the vet. The third day you tell them the vet is trying, but things don't look good. The fourth day you tell them the cat passed away.

The joke ends with, "so, how's grandma?", and the other person says, "she's stuck on the roof....."  Honestly, it's really in the delivery. Bea Arthur's delivery specifically.

So, once again:  Boris Johnson is stuck on the roof.

That is 710's and my guess.

  • Day One:  Johnson tested positive for coronavirus
  • Day Two: Johnson's symptoms had subsided, but he still had a fever. 
  • Day Three: He continues to self-quarantine at Downing St.
  • Day Four: QEII has a rare national televised message regarding covid-19.
  • Day Five: Boris Johnson is admitted to intensive care. 
  • Day Six:  well...............

Mind you, I'm drafting this at 20:00 on Monday, so by the time I wake up tomorrow, this might no longer be a prediction, and just reality. Maybe I'm wrong. Perhaps I'm not. Or possibly my timing is just a bit off by a day or three.

I've already made a wager of drinks on this......and oddly, not with Mike.

And I'm going to say what you're all thinking:  "why couldn't have been BLOTUS?"

Why indeed  Why indeed.

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Raybeard said...

Precisely my thoughts in wondering just how many Americans - and others - on hearing this news are thinking "Why couldn't it have been OUR 'leader' (sic) ? But there's still time for it to happen - and for all decisions to be delegated to the VEEP (groan!).

Blobby said...

well RB, since Pence is literally side-by-side of BLOTUS, the dream is, he'd go too.

Travel said...

Come on God, here is your chance to prove your existence.

anne marie in philly said...

NPR said there is no "line of succession" should BoJo kick the bucket. interesting.

at least we have one in place should the top 2 kick off - hello president pelosi!

Raybeard said...

re Travel's comment - whether or not BLOTUS is affected you can bank on it that those fervid Xtian supporters of his will turn it into a win-win situation for them. If he doesn't go down with the virus it'll be "See! There IS a God!", and if BLOTUS does go down, even if (perish the thought!) he dies, it'll be "(S)he's just testing our faith!" - because, you see that single gap in her/his omniscience means that (s)he knows everything EXCEPT whether those supporters have faith in her/him! Ergo there IS a God. (Hallelujah!)