Friday, March 06, 2020

Into the Great Wide Open

Let's just add insult to injury, shall we?

Yesterday I had to be in the periodontist chair for an hour getting a gum graft.  Yay me. That might be the injury part. In my pocket, I can feel my phone buzzing over and over. It turns out multiple people were letting me know Elizabeth Warren was out. Great. The insult. 

I still wasn't 100% sure for whom to vote, but now my options are that much more limited. Keep in mind, "primaries" (for what they're worth anymore) go through May.  ....and people bitch about people who don't vote, as after a certain date in this process, I can see why those voters feel their vote doesn't matter. 

Anyhooo.........back to me. 

So it seems I had a similar procedure on the same tooth (14) 15 or 17 years ago. Bummer that this only lasts that long. Oh - the procedure it taking tissue / gum off other parts of your mouth and sewing it onto the area that is receding.  FUN!

The numbing wasn't all that pleasant, but nothing horrid. I mean, the topical anesthetic might have numbed some pain, but let me tell you, I still felt each and every shot. One more than the other.......

During the hour-ish long procedure, I noticed a few other shots being given, but never felt by this point.  Until....................the shot that went in the frenum (yeah, I never heard of it either). OMFG it hurt.  

It seems you have three frenum (yeah, I know, it sounds dirty too), and my second one is where most people's first is (or vice versa), so she thought she was injecting me (hehehe) in a place which was numb, but was not. 

The pain was so bad, I involuntarily lifted my back, which then seized up, so yayy.  Oh, and while the needle didn't though though my gum, teeth and cheek, whatever nerve it hit did.  This all happened in the course of seconds, but clearly my distress showed. 

The periodontist asked if I wanted a break, but I told them to just keep going, as best I could with things in my mouth (hehehe). 

And she didn't think it was funny when she rolled away so she could sneeze, and I go, "COVID-19??".  She goes, "you need to stop watching CNN?", said the woman who has (local) FOX on in her office. 

So a total of like 70 minutes and I was out. No eating on one side for a few days and cannot floss or brush in that area until the dressing falls off - that will be weird. 

I think my new billion dollar idea is synthetic gum. Stop cutting out my actual gum and doing a graft that will eventually recede itself. Just sew the chemistry lab creation and let it stay there forever. That's all Patent Pending, so don't even try to steal my intellectual property. 

Song by: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

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