Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Music Everywhere

Dare I say it?  Save Brokeback Mountain, I have never really liked Jake Gyllenhaal in a thing in which he's appeared. Even in that movie, Heath Ledger was the stand-out. Jake got lucky by association.

So, I did not expect him to appear on John Mulaney's Nexflix show, John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch.

The show is, well, odd. It has its moments, but then some of those moments can kind of go long. Too long. With kids. While the song about Grandma's new boyfriend, Paul, was left of center it made us laugh a bit and one or two others were ok.

Yes, with no cable and housebound, we are looking at a lot of different tv stuff.

So, the only known (i.e. listed) guest on the show was Richard Kind, we weren't expecting David Byrne or Gyllenhaal (both of whom would show up on SNL when Mulaney hosted a few weeks back).

Still, Mr. Music's (Gyllenhaal) number might be the best thing you see Jake in......ever.  ...and I think he blinks a total of three times in his seven plus minutes, so that's a little unnerving.  His singing might be better than his acting and it's funny when the words don't rhyme.

It is just a wee bit out there, and it might be the best thing you see all week.

 Song by: John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch ft. Jake Gyllenhaal


Raybeard said...

You don't like our Jakey? That's a surprise, though maybe it shouldn't be. I like him a LOT in just about everything I've seen him in, every bit as much as Huge Ackman, whom I seem to recall you also dislike? But there you are.

The hottest theatre ticket in London this year had been an upcoming season of Jake G. appearing in 'Sunday in the Park....' starting, I think, in a couple of months. Well, now that all theatres and cinemas have been shut until further notices there must be an awful lot of refunds on the way. It would have been a production I'd have paid a very high price to attend. I saw Mandy Patinkin doing it here about 30 years back. I don't know if you're familiar with 'Sunday', a curious work, in my opinion - the first half being Sondheim at his topmost best. Pity that the second half isn't. But I'd still see it, or ANYthing, with Jakey G. in it.

Blobby said...

Oh, he's great to look at (I love his look in this video), but c'mon 'the Day After Tomorrow'? He might have talent, but I think on screen (I can't say anything about stage), he makes iffy choices. 'Donny Darko' was just too strange, even for me. But I will go on record, he was great on 'October Sky' I forgot about that one as I wrote this post.

Raybeard said...

Never saw 'October Sky'. Don't think it got a theatrical release over here. Nor did I (purposely) not see his recent-ish boxing one because of the....boxing. 'Darko' took quirkiness to an uncomfortable extreme but I think he was okay in it - and as for 'Day after Tomorrow' my only real memory of that is why we didn't see the characters' breaths condensing in the outside deep-freeze air. But generally, must confess that J.G.'s principal attraction for me is as eye-candy rather than the actual content of his films.