Thursday, March 26, 2020

Boomer's Story

I don't know if any of you read my comments. Or, go back and read them, should someone write one later.

I got this little lovely comment the other day, on a Shep Porn day.

First off - totally love the uninformed.....or if I'm being nice, semi-informed.

As you'd guess, the person is too weak to actually pen their name to it, but that's fine. They seem a tad bit unstable, so, it's possible their lithium was out and couldn't remember their name.

There is nothing I love more than stereotyping, and with large brushstrokes at that, like our friend does here. Granted, stereotyping saves a LOT of time.

Since there is no back and forth, I can't actually ask him (I'm always assuming it's a him - one who wants me, but can't have me, so they act out like this) how much he's done to combat climate change. And I'd need data to support his words, or he's just lying, Of course, the anger on a kitty kat and doggie post really throws me. I'd kind of get it if were on a post I had about, oh say, climate change or covid19.

What the fuck did dogs and cats ever do to this guy?

I wonder if "he" goes on Gen X or millennial blogs and rallies against this girl's parents for giving her the virus.

Or do you think he thinks the boomer grandparents broke in during the middle of the night and coughed all over the kid, just to fuck with her? You know, cause......boomers !!

And naturally the Gen Zers at Spring Break not caring about a virus - including HPV - has the "if I get corona, I get corona"* attitude.  Crowded bars. Crowded beaches. Getting coughed on is the least of their worries. Then the invariable planes to the four corners, transmitting most anything they touched that week to countless others.

But sure: boomers.

I'd tell you to 'suck my dick', but I can't guarantee I wouldn't cough on you.........on purpose.

However, if he wants to have an intelligent discussion, I'd be open to that. But I think we all know THAT isn't gonna happen.

*actual spring breaker quote

Song by: Ry Cooder


anne marie in philly said...

I got the same comment on my saturday dance party post. I deleted the fucker immediately cause I have my moderator hat on. guess his tin foil hat is on too tight.

wcs said...

Same comment here, too. Obviously a bot. But still, that sentiment is fucking nuts. I mean, and let me do some broad brush stereotyping here, boomers were responsible for supporting civil rights, women's rights, peace instead of war, free love, population control, and reducing pollution. And also for Ronald Reagan. Ooops. Nobody's perfect.

Meanqueen said...

Blogland is awash with this crap. I think it's on a loop. One click and it goes out to millions. Can't be arsed with it.

Travel said...

Deleted that one,

Bob said...

I haven't gotten him, or her, but then I delete stupid as soon as I see it. And to be fair, this Anon has done nothing for climate change except to believe it's real, because he's probably too busy getting high, playing video games and watching porn.
The future of America.

Blobby said...

well, don't i feel NOT special!

I'm wondering how this gets around the security in place to post this stuff.

anne marie in philly said...

but you ARE special, blobby, you ARE!