Saturday, March 14, 2020

Reach Out and Touch (Somebody's Hand)

COVID-19 aside, it's been a good week, especially for doggie and kitty pics. They even make a global pandemic better.

Shep with his new toy, lasered in on a squirrel.  Toy firmly still in his jaws. 

Soph - in fuzzy blanket on radiator. It's still technically Winter, ya know. 



Dog butt @ the beach

Reach out and touch. Sophie is all about the touch. 

Stop light - need to get to dad, NOW!  I adore him. 

New neighborhood kitty.  She(?) is very very friendly. 

After work walk (and pose) around the lake - Portrait mode. 

Song by: Diana Ross


anne marie in philly said...

raspberries and doggy butts and touches - where would we be without our furkids! they keep us sane.

Raybeard said...

Teaching us how to 'live in the moment'.
I wonder what Sophie'd make of new neighbour (with same coat pattern). Friend or foe? But, as with all cats, and so unlike dogs, she'd be treated very warily and with suspicion - until the decision is made. Unusual to find an immediately friendly and trusting cat (in my experience). I tend to assume it signifying a caring owner.

Bob said...

The best thing about working from home this week, and not working at all, is having the cats and dog around.

CALVIN said...

Thank you for a peaceful post in this time of corona-freakin We will need to know the name of new kitty at some point. A real looker.

Maria said...
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