Saturday, March 28, 2020

From Safety to Where

Week 2 of Shelter in Place.  Everyone is alive, so that is the silver lining, no?

Make out sesh during work. 
HR was none the wiser. 

Sophie interrupted by pre-bed reading time. 
Worth it. 

Lunch time walk. 
Geese were social distancing from Shep.

Sophie could be more productive at 710's office. 

....and my supervisor is just lazy AF. 

Spry cat. 

A neighbor has put up a sign of camaraderie. 
Shep agrees. Stay Safe. 

Song by: Joy Division


anne marie in philly said...

sophie is supervising 710's work; she deserves a kitty treat.

does 710 know you and shep make out while on company time?

all y'all stay safe and healthy!

Raybeard said...

They both have the right idea. Let the world carry on and do what it has to do - just get this darned thing over with so we can resume 'normality'. Not too much to wish for, as Shep and Sophie know.

Best wishes to you, B., and to ALL your 'co-residents'.

Hot guys said...

Your pets are simply adorable, B.! You know our pets are happier than ever? Their owners are spending more time with them! ;)

Bob said...

I always took Sophie for the House Manager, and now I see she's expanded her duties.

And I've heard dog snogging is acceptable in an office environment.