Monday, March 23, 2020

My Music Monday

In theory - I don't know I'd like a group like Asking Alexandria. Until the other day, I've never heard of them, but they've been around for 11 or so years, so that is on me, I suppose - or their PR person.

While I clearly have the mouth of a sailor - and not just because of all the long voyages at sea with no women around for months - yet oddly I can be taken aback by f-bombs now and then in music.

I don't know if I'm not expecting them or what. I'm not offended, just a little surprised.

Truth be told, when I heard "Antisocialist" on the "radio", I never heard the cursing, but I suppose they could have cut them out - though I heard no awkward spaces in music either.

Asking Alexandria seems to be a straight forward rock and / or roll band, which is fine - a little Linkin Park with a little Creed with a little Puddle of Mudd. I am going of an N of 1.  I don't know them but I'm assuming I could cherry pick songs here and there I might like.

"Antisocialist" is, in its own way, is a song for these days. It's all about social distancing. The "Please stay away from me" and "Don't fucking touch me" lyrics are so apropos for our Covid-19 era.

The verses are ok, but the chorus is - and forgive me for this - infectious.

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