Friday, April 14, 2017

Near the Cross

Today is the day that all my quasi-religious employees will try to wish me a GOOD Friday.  ....and it's all I can do to not find a way to put them into corrective action as some kind of retribution.

I have two meetings - the last one ends at 12:15p.  My hope is; I get out of work early.  ....that would be an Easter miracle.

And just for shits and giggles, because I don't / can't / won't talk about the largest non-nuclear bomb the United States has ever dropped just got dropped yesterday (at least SCROTUS if fulfilling one of his campaign talking points - he LOVES nukes!)  ......I have an Arrested Development clip.

Song by: Iris DeMent


anne marie in philly said...

just another freakin' day for me; no big deal.

Bob said...

When people wish me Good Friday, I respond, "Every Friday is good!"

Then it's :::::crickets:::::

Raybeard said...

There's been something of an almighty fuss here by one of our supermarkets advertising "Great offers on beer and cider. Good Friday just got better!" The usual suspects have crept out of the wordwork with predictable reactions - "Offensive!", "Disgusting!", "Ignorant!" get the idea. The worst thing about it is that the supermarket actually apologised and withdrew the ad, though only yesterday so it wouldn't have lasted that much longer anyway. Oh dear! Anyone else is fair game but don't you ever even DARE to say anything which might cause offence to the God-botherers! (and POTUS!) They're all such sensitive souls, you see. They just can't cope with it!

Btw: Love the pic at the top of this post.

Old Lurker said...

"Good Friday? I think you mean MERRY EASTER."