Saturday, April 15, 2017

Take a Walk

It was a good picture week for Shep.  Not so much for Sophie.

He seems to take a toy to a chair and sometimes to bed. This time it was the turkey. 

We took Shep to the Solstice Steps. His first trip to Lake Erie. 
Look at those big ass paws. 

The next day we took him to Lake View Cemetery.....and the James Garfield memorial. 

Crazy Eyes.  Or Eye. Singular.  But still cute. 

While at the cemetery, we took Shep to Daffodil Hill.......the same place Petey got this picture taken two years ago.....and made the front page of the paper. 

This is one of his best pictures yet. 

Whilst at the cemetery, Shep took upon himself to keep us safe from all the marble beasts. This one was just a horse, but he fended of a lion who resided there as well. 

Song by: Eddie Vedder & Neil Young


Raybeard said...

Brave boy, keeping at bay creatures bigger than himself. Fearless for your protection!
Good to see him in unmistakable happy mode, jaw hanging open, tongue out.

anne marie in philly said...

protect your daddies, shep! the garfield memorial needs a cleaning.

Bob said...

"Shep In Daffodils."
Love it.

Anonymous said...

That Shep is so photogenic! I love his Michele Bachmann impression! When I was young, my father would get these puppies with big feet and tell us that meant the dog was going to be big as an adult. What we always ended up with was a small dog with big feet.
You all have a good weekend.


Ur-spo said...

It is a good photo.
Is Garfield actually in the monument?