Friday, April 07, 2017

Time Won't Let Me

Freshman year of college, I admittedly took Math 104 ......twice.

One could attribute that foible to me being bad at math.......which I kind of was, but equal part blame could be placed on excessive alcohol intake and my inability to make it to West Campus due to said alcohol intake.

The thing with math and me: I always got the concept of the subject..........after the test.

It was a cycle I had, and one in which I had an extremely hard time breaking. Looking back on it all, I suppose it was possible I had ADD or some such leaning disability. Tutors never seemed to help.

Anyhoooo........I always found it quite comical that I'm now in charge of tens of millions of dollars in budgets and that I base most of my day on certain statistics, in reports that I run, analyze and from which I base future growth and strategy.

Not only do I no longer have an aversion to mathematics and stats, but fully embrace it. And more importantly, I understand it.

The people at Time, seem to be me.........back in Mount 1981.  They don't grab the concept of percentages............or the word 'almost'.

Don't worry Time-folks. I eventually got it. You will too.

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anne marie in philly said...

da fuq? I'm bad at math too, but WOW!

Fearsome Beard said...

It appears I'm either part of the almost half or part of the 7.3%. So confusing!
As confusing as tryIn to figure out what the swamp thing is saying or worse yet doing...just not as scary.

Mark in DE said...

I took the bare minimum of math classes and did poorly on all of them. I hate math, which is ironic considering I sell real estate and must deal with math every day.

Anonymous said...

It's likely an editing error. It's worth googling and read the short article. This is what the 7.3% represents:

She and her colleagues also found that 7.3 percent of Americans ages 18 to 69 were infected orally with HPV, and 4 percent were infected with the high-risk strains that can cause cancers of the mouth and pharynx.