Monday, April 03, 2017

My Music Monday

My month to pick the theme for Erik and myself.  I'm doing with days of the week.

Sure, it seems easy enough. "Seems" being the optimal word. I'm making it a little tougher....for both of us.

Whatever day of the week you start with, you have to then go sequentially - so, if you start with a Tuesday, then your subsequent weeks have to be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  ....and  think I'll go on record that there are not a ton of songs with 'Wednesday' in the title.

My first selection, semi-technically, fulfills the entire week. It's the Cure's "Friday I'm in Love".  In the song they mention every day of the week.

The Cure did more pop-ish music than people care to admit, or give them credit for. I think they balanced that aspect of their work nicely against some of the more progressive rock-ish things they did as well.

I think my biggest surprise is that this video has been viewed over 36M times.

1 comment:

Erik Rubright said...

I still enjoy this song, somehow.

And I swear I don't remember ever seeing the video to this song before.