Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Middle of the Night

This is just getting out of control.

So I woke at my usual 05:00 time (well, it's now Shep time - as no matter when he goes to bed, he wants to get up and out at 05:00), and as I am "getting ready", I am looking at my emails.

Lo and behold there is one from 0:20 from the neighbor across the street saying something vague enough, but clear enough:

"if the telephone pole wasn't already down, the person last night would have taken it down".

It was still too dark to go out and check, so Shep and I went about our walk, and then in for b'fast.

Leaving for work, the sun was still below the horizon, but I could spot something shiny in the ivy - I even told 710 it was probably a headlight.

Further emails mentioned that a car went across that cement island (though they missed hitting all the signs), across the other lane and up - almost - into our yard. The neighbor mentioned it seemed like they hit something dead-on that stopped the automobile.

I'm guessing they hit the end of the telephone pole that is still laying on the hill.....and the outward facing end has lots of metal from the semi-left street light fixtures. Oh - and that tree that they hit.

As you'd expect, all occupants were gone before the po-po arrived. Fled. Again. The stolen car / outstanding warrant / drunk-high / no insurance - license ratio to accidents in the 216 must be sky high.

And apparently the po-po had the car pulled from our property and taken away.

So, I guess my question is this:  isn't there some responsibility of the police department to somehow inform you there has been an accident at your residence and that they brought in equipment which damages your property?  Cuz I have yet to hear from them.

Still - two {known} accidents in the last eight days is excessive, even for us.

710 and I differ on how to protect the property. He doesn't want to pay for large stones / boulders. I kind of want the drivers to be maimed by large immovable rocks.

....and I have taken the path less traveled, and it has made all the difference.

Silly 710 thinks we should lobby for a guardrail at the cement island, as cars will "bounce off it" and get back into traffic. I don't think cars going 50-70 mph will "bounce" back into traffic. I think we'd just end up with a big chunk of guardrail in on our hill.

I suppose tomorrow I'll call city hall and see what they plan to do about the increase in accidents - if anything. I suspect the runaround, as we straddle two cities, no one wants to respond to emergency calls, it's highly doubtful either will want to pick up the tab.

More to doubt.

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Dith said...

My county engineer is against guardrail that bounces a car back into traffic. More likely to involve other cars.

Mtmanor said...

I'll donate a rock or 3. Need pics? Just high enough to catch an axle, not stop them dead, so to speak.