Saturday, April 01, 2017

New Toy

Who doesn't love a little Lena Lovich reference?

Well, probably most of you going........"whoooooo?"  No worries, I did more for myself than anyone else.

But it's Saturday. The only reason you people real tune-in here. .....and yet, I'm ok with that.


Kooper and Shep. 
It's like this every meet up. 

...then this. 

I am loving Shep's flying ears. 

A daily visit to Sophie in her chair. It can't be avoided. 

....and now the reason for the blog title.

I might never allow 710 to go into a store alone again.  The duck is annoying as fuck, and of course, Shep LOVES it.

To be honest, we laugh then somewhere throughout the house we hear its honk. He's been taking it everywhere. Even his armadillo has taken a back seat.

Song by: Lena Lovich


anne marie in philly said...

that IS annoying. but if darling shep likes it...

Anonymous said...

Dogs are a lot like kids. The noisier the toy, the more they like it! With those ears and tail, don't be surprised if Shep takes off and flies one day. That tail is a natural guidance system and I seem to be obsessed with it. Oh, dear!


Ur-spo said...

A fun tale; thank you for sharing!