Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Chelsea Morning

I suppose if I was as big of a bleeding heart liberal as I think I am, I'd be jumping up and down for Obama's commuting of Chelsea Manning's sentence.

Yet, jumping I'm not.

I didn't even mutter or think "oh, good".

I am torn on what Manning did as being admirable or whistleblower as opposed to treasonous. The reality it, war is a dirty business (yes, a business). It's not pretty, it's not fair - and the reality is, Manning couldn't possibly know what she released may have had bigger implications than she could possibly fathom.

I agree with Obama that Manning's sentence was excessive.

And while I seemingly gravitate towards the queer blogs, the people who are / were for Manning's leniency always brought up the transgender aspect. As if that was some kind of a free pass or a special accommodation for the circumstances for which she was charged.

That's where my bleeding heart stops pumping.

If we - as queer folk - want equal rights and not special rights, it goes with all the territory, though I don't think her sexual identity was the reason for her excessive sentence.

There is also that Julian Assange connection. That guy is a creep of creeps - who may or may not have truly contributed to the 2016 election. So that's still unforgivable. Assange did say he'd waive extradition if Obama pardoned Manning. I bet commuting the sentence does not count and he'll live forever in the Venezuelan embassy.

It seems my views have not changed a lot in the last 3.5 years.

Am I glad Manning is getting out early?  Yes, but due to harsh sentencing. Do I think she should have never been in prison in the first place?  I'm going with a 'no' on that one.

There is Dump Talk about rescinding Obama's commutation, but we'll see.  This "man" has such big fish to fry - this seems piddly. But the "man" is all about piddly. He has no vision on those bigger issues.

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Anonymous said...

Its the notion that "war is messy" that justifies people to overlook atrocities. One of the main things Manning revealed was the military was purposely targeting civilians. What you believe is akin to believing the Nazi's should not be harshly judged for the holocaust because hey...war is messy.