Saturday, January 21, 2017

You Are the Light

In these dark times, we always have Shep Saturdays. He and his sister (not pictured this week) are just sweetness and light - even when they're not.

Shep has been really good for both 710 and myself. Our work days are shorter, as we strive to be home with him. He is good company - unless he's eating a shoe or biting the carpets.

I was happy happy to not have watched a single minute of yesterday's inauguration. Save a few mockeries of C.H.U.D. Kelly whatshername, on Facebook, I missed all the comments too.

I tell ya - cutting out news and op-ed pieces has made my life less stressful., back to the Shep-man.

Petey's old bed. 

Shep has never used it once. It's a toy chest. 

710 being conquered by Mr. Shep after getting home from work. 

He's always so frickin' happy to see us when we get home....and vice versa. 

PetPeople bath time. 

We had a muddy day at the dog park. He's doing better at baths, or at least tolerating them. 

Doggie Matrix. 

Canine play date with Shep's best friend, Kooper. 

Song by: Long Justice


wcs said...

"Doggie Matrix." Priceless!

anne marie in philly said...

I didn't watch/listen to 1 second of yesterday's orange shitshow either. and I feel good.

our furkids are our sanity touch points. do you ever conquer 710 like that? :)

Raybeard said...

I give this post my regular :-)

Fearsome Beard said...

Thanks Shep! (And Blobby) for a smile this morning!