Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ad of the Month

This ad is actually a few years old.

I stumbled upon it once while probably watching Will & Grace reruns on Logo.  Well, I'm assuming....just a hunch.

Some of the Vegas ads are funny in their own right. Some are just so-so. But this one makes me smile more than laugh, which can invariably be more difficult.

While I'm guessing 87% of the gay population would go for the blond guy, it's the brunette guy I find cuter.....though I think that it is because of his timing and his reaction that he'd actually consider it.


anne marie in philly said...

this srt8 girl goes for the blond! WOOF!

Raybeard said...

Put me on Blondie's side.
"I'm going to freshen up". One of those cute Americanisms for, I assume, "I need a wee." (Almost as cute as the term 'Rest Room"). On the other hand we have "I'm going to powder my nose" - to be used strictly by females only.

Juan said...

That was so cute!