Sunday, January 15, 2017

Site of the Month

Almost three years ago I my Site of the Month was a Countries of the World Quiz.

I didn't do very well, though I did see flaws with the site itself. Yet, I kept playing.

Then a little while ago, they threw a new version at me. Countries of the World With an Empty Map.

Countries would fill in, as you identified them. It makes it a little harder when you don't see what exactly is missing, but that can actually be an advantage. It makes you think, it makes you strategize.

I do attempt to go continent by continent (or area of the world), though there are some things that go out of order - like if I fill-in 'New Guinea', I also then do "Equatorial Guinea', 'Guinea'  and 'Guinea Bissau'. ....just to get them out of the way.

Still, I did find a flaw - at least for me - that keeps me from achieving 100%.

You'll see even with 1:26 to go (you only get 15 minutes to do the quiz), my last choice -and it's always my last fill-in - is not a correct answer.  Or is it? 

Mind you - my keyboard does not allow me to put an accent over the 'o', but aren't they adhering to details just a little too much?  

If I put in Burma, I get credit for Myanmar. Surely they could give me credit for no ^. 

....and here is why I call bullshit on this oversight.......


79% of all people taking this quiz got 'Cote d'lovire' right??   That means they all have that ^ above the o.


Because of that, my 99% seems hollow. 

Still I play, because this game can soothe my OCD, while it also spurs it.  It's a complicated life I lead. 


Raybeard said...

So near - yet.....(How infuriating!)
Notwithstanding your fully justified peeves, I'm astonished (though shouldn't be) at how you got so near-perfect a score, cheated only by the question-setters themselves.
I was tempted to try it myself but I know I'll most likely come out at dunce-level as my mind is still stuck in the atlas of the 1960s before African geography nomenclatures were changed out of all recognition as well as the more recent upheaval of all those mid- and west-Asian states that I've always had a hard time keeping up with.
But congratulations to you are most certainly in order, despite your understandable sore feelings at what happened.

Anonymous said...

Ivory Coast as I know it. Mind you I'd still be hard pushed to know EXACTLY where in Africa it was. You get 100% from me.