Tuesday, December 06, 2016


.....and the cabinet choices just keep getting more and more fucked up.

Will anyone on the right side of the Senate publicly admit how astoundingly unqualified Ben Carson is to head up anything, let along HUD?

The one - and only - thing I've heard as the 'plus' is that he grew up in public housing. So did a billion crack addicts. So by that logic, there should be a billion people to be a shoe-in for the job.

Carson is a man who claims 'poverty is a choice'.

It is a choice.

That is, if those people voted Republican only to see high income earners get their taxes cuts. Or their chance of earning a living minimum gets blocked by a GOP majority.  Or if the ACA is repealed, leaving people to pay out of pocket for out of control medical expenses. Then yes, their poverty is by design.

I was laughing (well.....internally) listening to NPR last evening as they dissected the choice of Ben Carson. Some poor woman had the task of being as diplomatic as possible touching on his qualifications - or as the host so aptly put it "or to be clearer....his lack thereof"

The woman basically started off each sentence with "the thing is....." and then would launch into this or that. What she really wanted to say but couldn't was:  "the thing is......we're all fucked".

And we are.

Of course, I don't get Carson either. Dump called compared him to a child molester and said he had a pathological temper. How do you overlook shit like that?

But can we just mention the possibility of  General David Petraeus for Secretary of State?

Oh that's right, calling him 'General' is like HRH when you're dethroned. You don't get to keep that title.

Yes, let's see........who held the position of Secretary of State who was accused, but never found credible evidence, of sharing classified documents?  Who......who....who........?

Oh that's right. Hillary.

Yet Patraeus is actually no longer a general for actually sharing, and being actually convicted for, releasing / sharing /giving classified government / military information out.....on purpose.

Dump - who thinks thought Crooked Hillary should go to jail for not being convicted for that alleged crime clearly has no sense of irony.

Nor does anyone even truly consider that Patraeus would have to clear it with his parole officer before he could take a trip outside of North Carolina........you know, to Syria or Kyrgyzstan a huge problem. I would love to be the minimum wage earning parole officer who denies that request.

Let's face it: when Edward Snowden (who I still think is a douche) thinks that Patraeus gave away more secret information than himself - well, that kind of says a lot.

Yes, bad choices do make great stories.  It's a shame this country won't be standing when it's all over to exchange any of them.

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Anonymous said...

The older I get the more I realise politics is just a wing and a prayer.

Bob said...

At least with Carson we may get some pyramid grain silos in the Midwest and just think of the tourist dollars those would bring in!