Monday, December 05, 2016

My Music Monday

My month for the theme.

I don't know if I went easy or hard (that's what she said), but I went with 'live' music.

I suppose that could be construed a few different ways - though I haven't quite thought it out.

There is the ubiquitous concert setting recording. But there are the studio recordings done live - no overdubs, no frills, all tracked live. We will see how it goes. My original thought was the concert takes.

And that is what I'm doing with Round 1.

Back in 1988, I believe Depeche Mode had the largest audience ever for a U.S. concert (maybe not more than Woodstock?) at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. From that concert came their live album 101.

I found the album to be so-so, but their live version of "Everything Counts" stood out to be way way better than the studio version. opinion of course.

To be completely transparent, it was when "Everything Counts" rotated though my iTunes the other day is when I came up with the theme. I used the theme to share the song, and now I'm stuck with three more weeks of live music.

I'll really try not to make it suck.

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Norm said...

I was at this show. Thomas Dolby was also great.